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The Benefits of Pentagon Auto-Tinting

green tick Great appearance, adds value




 Keeps vehicles cooler and more comfortable during hot weather

 Eliminates harmful UV rays

  Appearance                                                                                                   appearance

Pentagon Glasgow have a huge choice of automotive films, and have a perfect film for every car. Whether you want dark, light, reflective, non-reflective, grey or charcoal Pentagon have got everything to suit your individual taste and requirements. With Pentagon Glasgow's professional installation and high standards you won’t have to worry about unsightly bubbling, peeling, cracking or discolouring.


  Safety, Security and Privacy safety

Tinting reduces dangerous glare from the sun, snow and other headlights, helping you drive safely. The thickness from the film bonded to your window helps to keep broken glass intact once shattered.

Window Tinting can stop people from viewing objects within your vehicle thus reducing the risk of smash and grab attempts.

Unnecessary Ultraviolet light can have a tremendous effect on your skin, even from the exposure in your car. The products that we can apply to your car can reject 99% of dangerous UV rays form you windows, keeping your skin safe and interior of your car better protected from fading.  

  Save Money save money

Automotive Window Films can save you money by reducing up to 65% of the sun’s heat, so your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard. You’ll save fuel and help extend the life of the air conditioning system.

The combination of solar heat and UV rays can cause interior trim, upholstery and carpeting to fade. Because window tinting rejects a significant amount of solar energy and almost 100% of ultraviolet, you can slow down your vehicle’s aging process. Plastic trim parts are less likely to crack and fabrics aren’t as quick to fade…keeping your vehicle looking new, longer.