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SupaGlass Benefits    

Pentagon SupaGlass is an award-winning product that

is designed to make your vehicle safer and more secure.


Ordinary window glass is brittle, breaking into long sharp pieces which can cause serious and sometimes fatal injuries. The principal feature of SupaGlass is its performance under impact.

Burglars often break windows to get to door handles, and SupaGlass can resist their intrusion. Even if it is accidentally broken, the interlayer continues to safeguard the vehicle until the glass is replaced. Reglazing can be done when convenient, rather than during expensive after-hours.

Noise, just like a burglar, gains easiest entry to vehicles through windows. Laminated glass has proven to be an excellent barrier to noise, having a higher sound reduction index than monolithic glass of equal thickness between the frequencies of 125Hz and 4,000Hz.

SupaGlass is an invisible super-strong 300 micron thick polyester based laminate, professionally bonded to the inside of the main side windows of your car. It is incredibly tough, optically clear, colourless (and also available in tinted versions), scratch resistant and easy to keep clean. Preparing SupaGlass is a highly specialised process.

SupaGlass is the only automotive security film system of its type that has a Thatcham Q listing.


Benefits of SupaGlass

  Side Impact Protection

  Roll-over protection

  Anti-Car Jacking

  Resistant to thieves and smash and grab theft

  Safe escape- SupaGlass protected windows are designed to allow shattered windows be pushed out from inside the vehicle